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Constructing the Future of Science Journalism in Europe

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The Lookout Station by the European Forest Institute has collaborated with the World Federation of Science Journalists and the Kavli Foundation to organise the first-ever 'Exploratory Meeting: Constructing the Future of Science Journalism in Europe' for 20+ science journalists and change-makers in newsrooms to discuss, explore and envision the future of science journalism in Europe, during the science week of the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) in Toulouse, France. 

In a nutshell

The Exploratory Meeting will gather some of the most influential science/digital journalists in Europe who are looking at the opportunities to advance science reporting in the rapidly-changing media landscape.

We will mix the group with those who have already done interesting, innovative things and science journalists who know their subject and who want to innovate, but have not yet had the chance to try and test ideas around and who would welcome the opportunity to discuss concepts with.

Our Mission

The digital revolution has transformed the way in which people engage with new technologies and information. As this cultural transformation takes shape, the media have gone through dramatic shifts in adapting their business models, building new digital-savvy teams, and creating sustainable editorial strategies. While innovation in journalism is still taking off, trust in media has become an industry-wide challenge. In this climate, evidence-based and science-driven reporting is more important than ever. Science journalism must be on the frontline of media transformation to bring facts, data and evidence to the wider public.

Our Vision

We will build innovative, impactful and sustainable science journalism in Europe. We will empower audiences to improve critical thinking through science-based information and online technology.

Meeting Goals

The main objectives of this meeting are to:

  • Explore innovative practices that can benefit science journalism in Europe
  • Share best practices and lessons learned among practitioners between the US and Europe
  • Convene forward-thinking, creative journalists who want to drive innovation in science journalism in Europe
  • Brainstorm ideas and action plans to advance science journalism in Europe
  • Develop innovative agendas for science-journalism meetings in Europe incl. KS5 in July 2019

From a long-term perspective, this meeting will act as a starting point to develop a network of journalists committed to building innovative, impactful and sustainable science journalism in Europe.

The programme can be accessed via this link.


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