The Delta Works

Rizky Gerilya, de Volkskrant

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Historically the Dutch people always fought against water as two third of the country is below sea level. As a consequence, they built the most prestigious hydraulic engineering project in the world: The Delta Works. But is it enough?

This 360 production explains the causes and consequences of their never-ending struggle with rising sea levels, and extreme weather scenarios due to climate change.

The story wil be published and showcased here soon.

Rizky Gerilya works as a videographer for de Volkskrant’s crossmedia editorial staff. With a strong focus on innovative storytelling, he has worked for a variety of media outlets such as interactive (web)documentaries, videogames and apps. At the crossmedia department of de Volkskrant, Lookout360° will fit in an agile strategy to experiment with new technologies for storytelling.

De Volkskrant will use the lessons from the initiative to find a way to combine the most innovative and immersive formats with an efficient workflow, and further develop a constructive storytelling tool for the future. His 360 video will be published as a special feature, as part of their extensive coverage of climate change.