Slovenian Forests and Climate Change

Borut Tavčar, Delo

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360 video has enabled to show the climate change effects in Slovenian forests. The damage is higher than ever before. In 2014 sleet left nine billion cubic meters of damaged wood, in two years after bark beetles damaged additional 6,5 million cubic meters. In December last year strong wind was the cause for two billion cubic meters. There is a hurry to get damaged wood out of forests.

The video was filmed in four locations all over Slovenia and in park in Ljubljana. One way to save forests is genetics, which was also incorporated into the story.

The story wil be published and showcased here soon.

Borut Tavčar is a specialised journalist in environmental and energy issues in daily national newspaper Delo, most influential newspaper in Slovenia. He is also the editor of green page of Delo, which was founded by Borut himself and has become the source of information in various groups working in environment sectors and government in the country. He is currently running his own experiment to live without a car to report about his own experience through the paper. He also trains and coaches young reporters to write environmental stories for the newspaper and its online edition.

His journalistic career started in 1991, and ever since his passion and focus have been around environmental topics. One of the first reporting he has done focused on central waste water cleaning plant in Ljubljana, to showcase the importance of field reporting and narrating the difficult topics in a easy-to-understand way for the readers. Delo will be publishing his work through Lookout360° and hoping to get a top-page story around climate change and environmental topics that concern the Slovenian citizens.

He tweets at @BorutTavcar.